Philips Portable DVD player with 9” LCD Screen

Philips Portable DVD player with 9” LCD Screen

+ $5 shipping

1 Philips PD9000/37B Portable DVD Player w/9” LCD Screen – White

We have these things called laptops.



nope. look on ebay… + would rather use my laptop.

I hope there’s only one of these like wootoffs of the past… get this progress-blocker out of the way X_X

Wow, that tool set went fast… already on the new woot off item!

note that the description on top says it is white.

also these are great for kids.

Compatable with slides or film? :stuck_out_tongue:

Damnit there’s more than 1!

$115 (new) at Amazon so a pretty good deal.

I really don’t want to fall asleep and drool on my keyboard…

Compatible with a mac?


Is it compatible with blu-ray?

That screen resolution is horrible, my 3.5" touchscreen phone has twice that resolution. haha

Have it. Kid won’t sleep or take a long road trip without it.

Pretty durable (it’s been dropped from counter height two or three times).

I guess that’s one thing this DVD player’s good for… nap time.

Yeah, but unless they have like 24 hours of battery life I can’t talk myself into buying one when I’ve got laptops and such. If I had some children running around I’d buy three right now though.