Philips Portable DVD player with 9” LCD Screen

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Philips Portable DVD player with 9" LCD Screen
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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That looks really familar

is this HD?

deja woot

Yup. It was on earlier and supposedly “Sold Out” …LIARS!!!

That’s right. I made Wisconsin bright green by buying three. Nothing to see here, let’s move on.

who even watches dvd’s anymore…its all about the .mkv


Add another screen for the car and I’d bite…


It’s all about HD-DVD!

Where are the mousepad and keyboard??? Oh, right - this is one of those old as hell portable DVD players that you have to lug around along with your laptop.

Seriously does anyone actually buy these anymore?

wait, 640x220? that has to be a typo, my phone has more resolution.

can someone tell me how in the world, does someone woot for this in miliseconds? I thought bots were not allowed at woot’s domain.

OK, so there is a “car mounting pouch” in the box? It’s not pictured. Apart from the strangeness of the expression “mounting pouch,” what is it?

R E F U R B E D electronics…shocking!

“Sadly, no waffles actually come with this portable DVD player.”

Don’t you mean carrots??? HAHAHAHA.

Good, now everyone can watch their favorite movies in the closet or on the go!