Philips Portable DVD Player with Dual 7” Screens

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Philips Portable DVD Player with Dual 7" Screens
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Perfect for 3D movies!

Hoof Hearted APPROVED!


oh god there’s tons of these…

Don’t buy these unless you plan to sit in the backseat. I have them and if you don’t have a remote, these things are a pain to deal with.

Perfect for those of us suffering from strabismus.

or $119.99 (

with $149.99 retail, definitely a good deal

I have these DVD players for my kids. When I purchased them, i was really looking for something with an input jack of some sort, so I could plug my phone in and use netflix. Well, it kinda sorta works… with ONE monitor. The video in and video out is SHARED in the same jack on these monitors, with a switch that chooses whether you’re using it for input or output. Good for kids that want to watch 2 different things I guess… or kids watching a DVD together. Only a DVD.

That said, these work pretty good! The buttons are small and it’s easy to hit FF/RW when you’re trying to pause/stop, but hey they do the job.

Cross eyed folks sit in the middle.

Yea, but it does not have a suction cup so that I can put it in the middle of the windshield while I drive!

Those long car rides with kids 15 years ago would have been much easier with these, although we never could have decided on the same DVD to watch!

Duct tape.

That’s cause Jesus would block your view…plus he’d be peeved you have him watching you instead of the movie or the road!

got these the last time they had them. they freeze until you slap them. hope i can return them for a set that works!

Anybody received this yet? Its been 7 days and still no shipping update? Hmmm woot are you asleep?

It looks like most, if not all of these have been shipped out. Sent you a PM with your tracking.