Philips Portable DVD Player with Dual 9" Screens

A glitch in the matrix…

Dual Screens, HOlw cow!

Deja Woot!

I can relate to the faces being made on the screens… Where’s my crap??

Not again!!!

I feel like I’ve been here before

Come on! Another Woot Off Killer!

Bleh. Where’s our Bucket of Clams?

two 9 inch screens still equals 9 inches…

This one sold 1 though LOL. Freaking Lenovo

Feels like Ground Hog Day.

I am looking for the Basket of Crabs

Have time to get home!

this is kind of cool, actually

Ok reviews on

Wow, what’s with that cat???

And WTF have they done with my BOC?!?!

Ummm… NOT!

looking for or to get rid of?