Philips Portable Speaker System - 2 Pack



Wii would like to[Froogle]( Portable Speaker System SBA220).

What tagline is this from?
Difficulty: Easy as its going to get
First one to guess. WINS!

Keep in mind woot is a two pack!
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Philips Portable Speaker System - 2 Pack
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Philips SBA220/37 4 Watt 3.5mm Mini Jack Portable Speaker System with Carrying Case




battery powered. yuck.


No batteries included !


Two for Tuesdays… on a Monday?

Alrighty… what would one do with portable speakers anyway?


How is the sound quality for these? I’ve been looking for good portable speakers for some time, but only if they don’t sound terribly hollow or cheap…


oh my - This would rock if they didnt take 6 AAA batteries!


So you’d rather have unpowered speakers?? or AC powered??

These are meant for portable music playing. And with batteries they’ll do just that.


(6 AAA Batteries Required) x 2 needed.
Guess I’m out to find rechargables? Did I miss the RMS watts ? 2 ?


Wii would like to play - Nintendo


no woot off? what the ? I keep waiting and waiting?

6 AAA batteries. gets expensive fast



seriously… 6 AAA batteries… way overkill mang


I believe speakers are generally used to listen to audio-based things. At least those that I have used have been =)


batteries will cost more than the speaker. no thanks.


2 stars on AMazon, but only 1 reviewer.
4 stars on Amazon UK, but thy’re euros
3 stars on GoodGearGuide, that’s from ausies.


at least an option would be nice


better froogle



“Battery powered (6 AAA Batteries Required)”
What happened to going green?? Good Woot is not running for elections this year :wink: