Philips Portable Speaker System 2- Pack

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$15 for only one set at Amazon.

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I’ve got a pair of these… paid more for one pair. This is a great price for just one - two combined it’s a must buy. Great for my netbook and I have a pair to give to a friend whose car stereo doesn’t work. Sound quality is fairly decent for such a small package, if a tad tinny.

Use of AAA batteries is a deal killer

one for me, one for the lady…

in regards to AAA batteries, I think if you want to use these daily, then this won’t work for you, If you’re getting these to use every now and again on trips and what not, they’re good to have

Does this also work with the iPad?


I bought one pair of these from Target a year or two ago, and I use it every day at work. After buying and returning a couple other little speaker sets, I found these to be quite nice sounding. I eliminated the 3 AAA batteries by wiring in a 5 volt charger from an old cell phone, and it works great at my desk!

“Universal use with all portable entertainment equipment using a 3.5mm plug”

So anything that has a headphone port… translation: it works with everything.

Said use is optional. If you’re going to complain, at least read the manual first.

For example, complain about how the speaker frequency range doesn’t go above 18KHz. Because “higher highs” should mean 28KHz, may as well go completely outside human hearing range.

Or how the 20 hour battery life is only half that of your iPod Touch 4G playing music.

Or how they play up the “Plug & Play” nature of the speakers, when if you can’t “Plug & Play” you have some seriously complex equipment that won’t be found in the less than $20 range.

Get a charger and some Eneloops.

Will these play the album “Throwing Copper” by Live?

So you get four. This mean they play nice retro 70s Quadrophonic sound?


Yep. They’ll work with anything that works with the same headphones an iPod or other mp3 player uses.

How’s the longevity? I don’t need to pass these down to my kids, but I don’t wish to have them short out after a few weeks either.

I recommend going in for three packs of two. That means you’ll have six sets of speakers. This also means you’ll have twelve individual speakers total. WALL OF SOUND.

How hard is it to wire that charger?