Philips Portable Speakers

Man, do I wish this was a thing about a week ago. I bought one of the black $9.99 speakers on Amazon, where I paid $12.99, and then wanted to get a few more as gifts but there was nothing cheaper there than about $25 at that point.

This is a really cool speaker. It charges via a standard cell phone input - not the outdated type on some other portable bluetooth speakers seen on Woot (the Planet Audio Lynx comes to mind there). It has nice sound for its size, gets quite loud, and carries a 10-12 hour battery charge at a moderate volume. I highly recommend at this price and will probably buy another one shortly after Christmas since I’m gifting the one I bought on Amazon.

What is the largest capacity SD card this supports?

I’ve looked all over the Philips site and in the manual for it and there’s no info on the size for the microSD card. Sorry. :frowning: