Philips Prestigo 10 Device Universal Remote Control

this does not work with uverse (love ya, shawnie), but it’s a pretty nice remote for DirectTV etc. Eats batteries, though.

Do you know if this works with the ATT&T DVR boxes???

but will it blend?

the Harmony 550 is way better
bought this a while back and it vacuums, huge delay and not that easy to program

Will this work on your spouse?

I own this remote:

I love it, some people complain of battery life. I think I change mine about every 4 or 5 months; probably depends on what you have your screen backlight set at.

Biggest con is the FF/Rewind buttons at the bottom, but you get used to it.

Simple macro features, I control a TV, Dish Box, Sony Receiver and DVD player with it.

Certainly not as fancy as a Harmony, but works great. I love mine.

Can I install linux on it?

Does this work on wives?

stupid security code on the CC…doesn’t save in the form.

no SD micro for me…

I got one of these. It ‘forgets’ learned codes, and guess what? Philips doesn’t support it through their main site. You have to call a toll number just to talk to them about it.

It’s no Harmony, that’s for sure. I’ll stick with that.


This will work great with my 10 in 1 Device, which happened to come with 10 different Remote Controls

Works good. Not great. Worth the price.

Can PS3 also be programmed into this?

With the current state of the economy, woot seems like a second priority. Nope. Not to me.

$35 with shipping… or I could go to KMart and pick up a replacement remote for $8.99.

If you missed the micro sd card, has Dane-Elec 2 gb micro sd for $5.99 with free shipping.

Have one, it’s a tricky thing to program properly if you have to use “learning” and you will have to. Slow response time too.

It’s a woot off you danged dangs!

Bought a Harmony several months ago from a store when bought the big screen HDTV…they’re great but $200. Does this work the same???