Philips Prestigo 12 Device Universal Remote

here’s the product manual

Can this be programmed to work with Windows Media Center?

I found a five star review on Alatest.,34/

Here’s the website:

Actual product page.

Can I use this with my Mac? (in place of my Apple Remote…)

Price comparison:

Hmm, so it is…

Sells for almost $100 at Sears!

almost bought one before Xmas! WTG Woot!

What if I only have 11 devices?


Looks like around $65 and up most places.

$103.90 at amazon

can this be used with a ps3?

Leaflet with more information than you could possibly want:

This is nice, but I’ve had two Logitech Harmony remotes that I love, and my parents have the “super-duper” one that has a touchscreen and rechargable battery. I tried to go with a different brand last year and hated it.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to get a 12th off of Woot before too long

Here’s the support page for this remote:

Wow, I so want this! Darn budget…why wont you let me have this!

Will this thing control my Sony Blu-Ray player too? I don’t see any popup menu button or anything on it.