Philips Prestigo 12 Device Universal Remote

This product is a waste of money. On the bright side thanks to all who took time to put the links for the manual, etc. out for the community. It sounds like it is hit or miss whether people like it and it works for them. I am just on the wrong side because it simply does not work with my Directv . I tried the learning mode and then it got stuck in exit learning mode. I don’t think I should have to remove the batteries to get the display unstuck but I suppose it speaks volumes about the product.

So, I got mine a few days ago and I was messing with it. Works fine with my TV…but what I want to know is if the Learn function is the only possible way to get it to work with the Xbox 360. I have the universal remote for the 360, but it could never use the input button so I could change my TV over to HDMI. I was able to learn most buttons…but it just ended up getting confusing after a while. I couldn’t get the remote to learn the 360’s guide button, or its Windows Media Center button.

Can’t make the up arrow work, the one that surrounds the OK button. Called Philips and they said return to place of purchase, WOOT site says call manufacturer…Well, I hope someone is going to take responsibility.

Set up is easy, because this remote doesn’t do much.

So far I have not gotten it to work with my DVR (uses Philips 0081 code), or either of my VCR’s (one Sony, one Phillips), or my Laserdisc player (Pioneer) or my IR X10 controller.

The documentation is VERY limited, so much so that you have to download the online version of the manual to use most of the features. There is no code list provided, and Philips web site does not provide a list for this remote.

The LCD screen is mostly useless, you can use it to access learned codes from some devices, but not all of them. The Device menu on the LCD is not customizable, so if you have a Laserdisc player, you have to remember to press the CD button (IE Not “Wife Friendly”).

The buttons on this remote are small and are mostly hard plastic. The layout is good, but the two-tone effect of the case and lack of a backlight makes some buttons hard to see in low light, especially the power button.

Unless I find a bunch of extra info on this thing that will let me get all my devices working, it is going on ebay soon.

I gave it a couple of days and tried again. I found a couple of tricks for “learning”, and I am now quite pleased with this remote. First, before I start to learn functions for a certain device, I make sure the mode is set to ANOTHER device. For example, if I want to add functions to my TV, I set the mode to CABLE, then enter learning through the home page, choose TV in those screens, do the learning and exit. So far, that has worked perfectly (unless my hand is shaky or I have some other user error). It seems like the remote has trouble accessing the information associated with a device if it thinks it is using it, too. I also found that I have to place both remotes very close to each other, less than an inch.

I still haven’t tried macros, or figured out how to label keys, but neither of those are important to me right now.

You can change the name and type of an icon during the setup process, so I was able to put all nine of the devices I wanted to control on page one and assign them names that I chose. The top two are the ones that I use the least because those buttons seem to be harder to press. For devices that had no default type and had to be learned, I just chose one that I wasn’t using, and renamed them. That meant saying “yes” I do know the brand, choosing an arbitrary brand and code which then gets to the renaming option - LABEL on the left side of the screen. It would have saved time if I could rename or reorder the icons without going through the setup process, but I didn’t find that option.

I’m presuming you mean that “PIP” is a top option in the main screen/side keys display up top of the remote. I’m only spitballing, but I’d bet you can change that by assigning a new function to that key using the “learn” method. You can program those keys that way. Reprogramming them seems very likely. Using the “learn” operation, just choose a new function for the key and label it whatever you want when it gives you that option after learning the new function.

Actually, I tried doing exactly what I said above and it worked perfectly. I needed to program in some of the cable guide features and just reused that button for one of them. Aces.

Oh, and I was one of the dummies who kept pointing the Philips remote the wrong direction for learning new functions. Do keep telling yourself that your new remote will point a non-intuitive looking back-end toward the remote being learned. Lot of user malfunction here, but hours later, my remote works like a dream. Controls a very old JVC combo CD/DVR player that no other remote would ever pick up. Admittedly, having the DVD functions labeled as CD is a little weird (since that was the only way I could find ANY code which worked the device and you can’t change the symbol for a remembered device once you set it up). But it works! That’s all I care about.

Mine was working fine until the screen went garbled today. Anyone else have this happen?

Bought one, generally ok including the aspect ratio function and picture assignments for favorites. I try to make it learn the up/down keys for my scientific atlanta cable box from the remote but it simply won’t do it properly. And at best it’ll go twice either way. Very awkward trying to navigate through channel guides because of this, seriously considering returning it. Also the learning mode is not real precise, I constantly have to move the original remote around until it catches the signal. I was very disappointed in the range as well, I have to point it directly at the device without any obstructions otherwise it simply won’t work. I have a Philips tv and it took many attempts to figure out exactly which code was the proper one for my tv since there’s no model numbers associated with the brand list. Overall D+, going to research return policies :frowning:

This thing is working great for me. I thought the LCD made setup really easy, guiding me through the steps. It already had built-in codes for my TV and DVD recorder.

The learning mode works great. It even learned from my fan’s remote control and my MacBook Pro’s remote control just fine. (There are a few caveats–holding down a button doesn’t work correctly as it does on the Apple remote). I was also able to train it with my Windows Media Center remote just fine.

The LCD screen tells you exactly what to do during the training, making it much easier to use than previous learning remotes I’ve had.

This is easily the best universal remote I’ve ever used, especially considering what it cost. The learning mode is much more reliable than on previous remotes I’ve had. Plus, if your original remote has more buttons than this one, it lets you program the rest of the buttons using the buttons to the left and right of the LCD (and you can toggle between several “pages” of them – the LCD lets you set labels for what the buttons do)

I only have two real gripes. First, like someone else mentioned, you can’t rename the devices. I had to program my fan under cable box or something like that, and I’d like to rename it to just say fan. Not a biggie though. The other problem is that there’s a bit of lag between when I press a button and an action occurs. It’s noticeable compared to my previous universal remote, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. A nice product at an excellent discount.

I had the same problem and solved it in a way that works for me. I presume you are talking about the up/down key that allows you to scroll a page at a time in the online guide. Since I almost never use my channel +/- button, I taught the guide page up/down button on my Scientific Atlanta remote to operate the channel +/- button on the Philips remote. Frankly, I prefer using the up/down buttons surrounding the “OK” button for channel up/down, since you can preview the info for the channel on your screen and THEN decide whether to actually hit “OK” and turn to that channel. So I don’t miss the channel +/- button at all. It serves me better as the screen guide page up/down button.

BTW, the up/down and right/left buttons around the “OK” button came out of the box running the volume and mute functions on my cable box, for no obvious reason. Had to teach them to operate the same as the ones on the Scientific Atlanta cable remote, but they work just dandy now.

One of my unit was DOA. Sadly that Woot! told me to take it up with the Manufacturer. This is the 2nd time they’ve told me to do that with a defective product. I had much trouble with the first time (not Philips though). This leads me to think that it’s OKAY for Woot! to sell defective products and in return, tell their customers to deal with mfg for them. Sound like a nice way of pushing inventory AND responsibility out the door you say?

This was my first purchase from Woot, and I’m not too happy about it. I set up the remote to work with my TV and my DVD player within 5 minutes. However, I then spent more than 3 hours trying to get it to work with my WDTV Live. I read in an earlier post that another Woot customer was able to use the learn function to program their WDTV in. Learning failed every single time for my remote. Also, in my remote, I am missing half of the device categories that are listed in the manual. Finally, after several days of trying to get the remote to learn my WDTV remote and one failed phone call to Philips (apparently a supervisor has to declare the remote defective, but none of them are there on Sundays?), the remote decided to sporadically quit controlling the two devices I managed to program in. I would point it at the TV from the exact same place where it had worked earlier, and it just ignored me. After reprogramming my TV in, it started working again for both the TV and the DVD player (?). I’ve been through this several times now in the past 48 hours. Chatted online with Philips today, and they’re sending me a replacement. Thank goodness! Hope this one works better than the last one!

Even though I had already set up the remote to learn all the Xbox 360 functions via the Learning Mode with the old media remote for the 360, I was messing around with settings and accidentally overrode my Xbox device settings. However, when I set the device type to DVD, there was a Microsoft option and it loaded the codes and it worked perfectly with the 360 for basic functions. A few buttons don’t work but it turns off and on and I can navigate menus (mostly just for Netflix). If you have the old remote, you can teach it the rest of the functions, but I think you can get by w/out needing to.

I love the remote. I have bought a PS3 IR dongle, now literally every device in my home theater, kitchen TV, and bedroom tuner, TV, and Xbox works near perfectly. I also labeled the software buttons to say Xbox, Blu-Ray, etc etc. Awesome! I have also successfully set up 3 macros with no problem.

well, i got my replacement from philips. this one still doesn’t have the programming for my emerson tv or my samsung audio system. it learns the buttons after awhile but when i go in to learn the buttons it forgets the buttons for my charter box. this item is a piece of junk, i am very unhappy with my purchase…and the replacement. Woot, is there any way to get my money back on this product?

What a piece of garbage this thing is…and thanks for the support Woot.

Called Philips 3x to try to get them to assist in decifering a Yamaha AV receiver and a Samsung Blu-Ray player…no go. When I asked the CS tech what it means that this is a “universal” remote when it doesn’t work on these devices, her response was that it works on all “brands” but not necessarily all “devices.”

Take this remote and shove it…

I’m with ya! Toss this one and find something that works. What a waste of a Woot…

this is the biggest piece of shit remote i’ve ever used. it locks up, forgets learned codes, and never worked right. i ended up breaking it in half over a chair.

I don’t know if anyone out there is following this thread any more, but here’s what I’ve done to resolve my issues.

I sent an email to ‘accessorysupport[at]’ I included the following:

  • name
  • address
  • phone
  • model
  • description of the issue(s)
  • attached a PDF copy of the receipt

After a few days I got a nice response from a ‘Philips Warranty Logistics Coordinator’ informing me that they no longer carry the ‘SRU8112’ but they could send a ‘SRU8015’ instead. I figured this couldn’t hurt so I OKed it.

The replacement remote came in a timely manner, and is working great. It even works AT&T Uverse which I am quite pleased with! So don’t give up hope.

Here’s a simple timeline so you can get an idea of how long this process took:

02-18-2010 - Sent email to ‘accessorysupport[at]
02-22-2010 - Received response from ‘Warranty Coordinator’
03-05-2010 - Received replacement remote from Philips

Customer service is not dead! :slight_smile:

Thanks Woot and Philips!

where did you get a pdf of the receipt?