Philips Prestigo 12 Device Universal Remote

got mine! upwards of $95 everywhere else

does anyone know if i would be able to adjust tv settings like “pic size” with this? does it replace all the buttons on all my remotes? how do you know what buttons do what? it seems like it would be extremely confusing to set up/figure out because im sure it doesnt have all the buttons labeled with the functions of standard remote.

basically i just want something that allows me to watch dvds on my tv so i would need to be able to switch the tv to video mode, change pic size and browse digital cable tv without switching through 3 remotes.

With a IR to BlueTooth adapter, yes.

No IR remotes work with the PS3 unless you buy an adapter for the PS3. It was a very smart design move on Sony’s party… :wink:

It is a learning remote; if it does not support Windows Media Center natively, you could teach it the commands from a remote that does. In either case, your computer would need an IR receiver for Windows Media Center (usually bundled with the Media Center remote).

looks like it’s only based on 1 review

Wondering the same thing.

Yes, you can use the learning function to teach it the commands from your Blu-ray remote. It does not appear to have them pre-programmed, though, as per the manual (see first post in this thread).

I was just eyeing a Harmony 700 this morning, I do believe it’s time to see how the two match up.

I was going to get this until I noticed that on page 4 of the manual it tells you that:

The ‘Setup wizzard’ screen appears.

If these clowns did this poor of a job on proofreading the manual, imagine what the software must be like. :slight_smile:

Anyone know if this works with Bang&Olufsen audio? Can’t find any info online.

Would it work for the Xbox 360? It has an IR receiver on the front.

I don’t have one, I use a Universal Remote RF-850, but one thing that is keeping me from buying this is the placement of the video control buttons. If you are holding the remote in your hand, you generally want the D-pad to be right near the play / pause, ff / rw buttons so you don’t have to “hunt” for them. This remote doesn’t seem to be geared towards DVR functionality.

Smart move! I already have 2.

NOt only that, the picture and schema they have in the pdf is for another similar remote.

w00t says the product is new, but has a 90 day warranty, while the product page says the warranty is 1 year

Is the warranty really 1 year? Or is this really a refurb selling with a 90 day warranty?

And here’s a 1 star review on cnet with a url that’s even longer:;summaryList

Next time try if they’re too long for you.

Harmony is the only way to go… It just works.

Will this work with XBMC?

The 1 star review says that it doesn’t work with DIRECTV HD/DVR out of box. Does anyone know if you get full functionality after you program it in? It’d be weak if you had keep the original remote around for some functions.