Philips Prestigo 12 Device Universal Remote Woot Info Post we are legion

Philips Prestigo 12 Device Universal Remote [New] - $29.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Philips SRU8112/27 12 Device Prestigo Universal Remote

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just Ahhhh!

Nobody wants this bring the crap!

will this work with my top load VCR from 1984?

can i use this to control whats coming next in woot?

Still not the random bag of crap.

Will it also control Universal Healthcare?

HMMMM…something to put in your “luggage”?

Does this control Motorola cable boxes from Comcast?

Oh boy it’s compatible with my laserdisc player!

BAG O CRAP Cmon baby!!!

Sweet. I had been looking for a new remote for my laser disk player.

FYI I have this and haven’t been able to get it to work with a DYNEX (Best Buy brand) TV. Even the self learning mode doesn’t work with it- so if you have a dynex, just move on…

Was wondering the same thing, but it’s already sold out! Damn.

Can we program this to change the offering? Swap out the current woot for one that each of us wants to see instead. Sort of like a magic wand…

can I program my RUMBA with it to get me a beer?

Bought one of these on a previous woot, and it is really a great remote. I had the whole thing set up in about five minutes, and adding custom softkeys to fill in the gaps that the physical buttons leave is convenient and simple. I definitely recommend getting this, it’s simplified a lot around here.

I bought one of these a short while ago froom woot! and it works well with my Sony DVD burner, Olevia LCD TV and Sony surround sound. I didn’t have codes to program it with so I had to manually program each button I wanted to use. It works great but is just a little slow to change channels or inputs.

I bought one of these recently. It is an excellent device. Very easy to program and a lot of configurable options.