Philips Prestigo 12 Device Universal Remote

If this could do the PS3 I would be interested.


buttons! lots of them!
a blue screen!
power button!
infrared light!

*batteries not included.

Replaces my old universal, which is kinda huge. One day I’ll have a harmony…maybe. Ahh balls…forgot to check if its backlit. Ohh well shrug

But it won’t control my wife.

No deal.

I bought this item a few weeks ago when it was on Woot. It is an impressive device. It works very well and has lots of options. Currently, I use this unit to control my Comcast cable DVR box, JVC amp, big screen TV, Panasonic Blu-Ray player, Xbox console, and a remote control fan I have in my room.

Good to know. I’m replacing this, almost. Mine is mostly that, but older even. - - Though I’ve been hard pressed to do so, I picked it up at a goodwill for 10 bucks.