Philips Prestigo 8-Device Universal Remote

Someone was looking for one of these earlier.

Thank you random fact cat.

So, you’re paying a little over $2 per device hookup ability…Not bad!

“Enjoy one-touch convenience when watching your favorite movies”
Does that mean it has the “state memory” function of the Logitech Harmony remotes? Meaning it remembers if a component is on or off so when you switch from TV to DVD watching it won’t turn off your TV when it’s not supposed to?

Was it in the couch cushions?>

Will this work with Bose sound dock?


In for one, been waiting for these to show up again.

I have this from a prior Woot off. It’s no Harmony, but it is pretty good.
Click wheel control takes a little getting used to- my wife resisted it for a long time.

is it sad that i’m really waiting on the monkeys?

No bacon salt or monkeys yet?!

Or in their butt crack.

i don’t like any product when manufacturer is scared to offer even 1 year warranty on the brand new product.

“1.4” (96×67 pixel) color LCD display provides easy readibility of the content on the screen”

A 1.4" screen is not easy to read… that’s like Cell phone size.

Is it Media Center compatible?

It was this guy! Or gal. I don’t know their gender.

is this compatible with the Find (fine) piece of art refereed to in the last woot? Don’t I wish

My harmony battery wont hold a charge worth a damn… anyone ever replace the battery?

Here lies the manual