Philips Prestigo 8-Device Universal Remote

Better than waiting on the Nazis.

I consider that my first warning.

I don’t think I’m qualified to judge but you have come to the right place.


Can you say whether if you are watching TV then want to watch a DVD, do you first have to turn everything off, then press DVD, because TV is already on?

Wow. How lazy would a person have to be to need a remote control for their dildo?

Get your YA-YA Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer over at kids.woot before they sell out!

Here lies the spec sheet using Google Docs

oye. filter. didn’t realize till I went to respond. lmao

I have this one and the higher end one, love them both. This is a great deal. I know some people will say that it eats through batteries but I have had mine for a long time and I don’t know that I have had to change the batteries on this one yet.

Only thing worth waiting for on this woot!

Here is a link to nowhere.

So, no Blu-ray capability, huh?

Have they ever had 2 boc in one wootoff?

If you can get the disc in there.

I would probably buy one if I didn’t just get one from my cable provider

Did you realize that if you stare at a limekitty and then close your eyes, you’ll see the American flag?

woot says they can help with that:

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Did you know they subtract quality posts?

Lucky me, my TV remote broke last night. In for one!

Do you sell whatever you’re on on ebay or something? I want 3.