Philips Prestigo Touchscreen Universal Remote

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New Philips Prestigo Touchscreen Universal Remote, for $29.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Philips SRU9600/37 Prestigo Touchscreen LCD 8 in 1 Universal Remote

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Amazon 4 reviews

Sweet burning momma. Two of my favorite things: TV and pirates. Woot woot!

Hmmm, somehow I doubt the touchscreen function works as well as a iPhone.

How big is this thing? No dimensions listed… :frowning:

I have the previous, pusbutton version. It’s garbage. It forgets commands learned for the main action keys - it only remembers commands learned for the dedicated learning keys. Maybe they fixed that with this model. maybe.

Well you wouldn’t want to flip it around anyhow, because then the signal wouldn’t be pointing at the TV… hello!

I got mine from thingfling in a mystery box. It works with my TV,cable box but the thing one would expect would be my reciever but all it does it turn it off. I even tried the learning mode. It has potential but phillips does not look like then intend on fixing its problems cause if they did, it would not end up on woot and thingfling

I feel like for the money it’s worth waiting on a refurb harmony. Anyone know where I can find the codes online? I have a damn old receiver i’d like to see if I can partner this with.

I am using it right now (Well In the past 3 mins). Only and I repeat only remote that has been able to find my off brand china (envision) mounted in the basement using superglue, And another one in the garage. Programming it is quick and easy. If I had the money I’d purchase a back-up.

This is one item I hope will be offered again.

this looks more neat than functional. We all know that mostly guys use remotes, and they tend to have fatter fingers.

I think they need the raised key for the remote in the same way they need print to read. They CAN read cursive it is just not they way their brains are geared.

Actually, I’ve had one of these for awhile and it works just fine…maybe I’m just lucky; however, I’d buy one again…and this is a decent price, too.


The Doob

Actually it does. You can control itunes, apple tv, and some tivos. There also is some other wifi based ones for jailbroken phones like myth tv and a seriously loot crestron home automation system based of iphone and ipod touch.

amazon says:
Product Dimensions: 1.6 x 6.2 x 12.8 inches ; 8 pounds

too heavy for me. if i wanted to work out i wouldnt be watching tv :[

I bought this remote a year ago at Costco for alot more… grr… But anyhow, this remote kicks ass! I really like the fact that it’s learnable!
-Side note- Sill haven’t had to change the batteries either! One hell of a woot! I can’t pass this up as a gift…

Bought one at Costco last year, it was going for $80. Not altogether awful, but quirky enough that I find it difficult to recommend. OK for a geek, definitely not the remote to buy for your technophobe grandma.

someone’s smoking crack if they say it’s 8 lbs!

how did you know who I had left on my Christmas list?!

Come on, enough with the gimmicky remotes!

I want another “Universal Mosaic Touch Screen Remote Control” or something like it. All the screen does is “hide” the buttons that are not for the device you have selected…

I want another remote that I can rename the “buttons” and program “Scripts” to a button.