Philips Pro Series 4-Foot HDMI Cable - 2 Pack

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Good deal. Wish I needed more HDMI cables.

That’s an ugly color.

I was hoping for a 42" Livestrong flashlight cable instead.


morning HDMI cable trifecta is in play.

Remember when HDMI cables were special? They are quickly becoming like USB cables…tossable.

The normally sell for $100,000,000 a piece, so this is a good price. Buy three!

I hope these work better than my Monster ante-diluvian quantum cords.

In general, HDMI is HDMI, so long as you aren’t spending 500x more than you need to by picking them up at Best Buy or something. As long as 4’ is long enough for you, these should do well.

With shipping this isn’t much of a deal. Maybe if it was a 3 pack.

mmmm. stylish. in for one. err. two?

Unfortunately, I’m just an amateur…I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to figure out these complicated professional cables.

Any thoughts on how these stack up to the various other HDMI cables Woot has sold? Any reason to get these over one of the others?

Not a terrible price, but not great either. I’ve seen much worse other places…

These should go fast. Buy one locally from a store and pay $16 to $40 for one.

NO! I’m already facing divorce for spending our retirement funds on the LAST several selections of HDMI cable. Thanks to Woot!, I now have 4-, 6-, 8-, 12-, and 25-foot varieties! I have fixed head! Swivel head! Swivel adapters! I walk my dog with an HDMI leash, just because of the amazingly good price! Who CARES that li’l Scruffy doesn’t need that high-speed goodness, what with his only having two legs on account of that accident with the Euro Style Ninja Pro kitchen tool a few days back? Just knowing it’s there has been a comfort.

I don’t like the cable shroud, nto very flexible, LOOKS nice though

Because HDMI cables are so hard to find these days? Seriously I can do better and get a mesh one for the same price and have it be a longer than 4ft.

average is 6 foot isn’t it?