Philips Rechargeable Wireless Optical Mouse

It just looks cheap. I don’t think this is a good price, but not a bad brand. Just didn’t know Philips made mouses.

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Philips Rechargeable Wireless Optical Mouse
$6.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Philips PA1039 Wireless Optical Mouse with Cradle Charger/Transceiver

seems okay for an average computer user, but as stated, seems cheap and doesnt seem to have much room for customization.

Exactly what I was just looking for. any idea how long it takes to charge the batteries from dead to full ?

Are these full size?

Makes me appreciate Costco’s 48 AAs that cost $10 and last forever


I think I’m in for one.

Can’t beat that price for a wireless rechargeable optical, i’m in for 3.

Eh, I’m in for one. I’m a pretty casual computer user but I use my laptop a LOT so it’ll be nice to be able to use the mouse away from the coffee table and actually be able to sit back in the chair!

I suppose the obvious question is, how long do these last on a single charge? I can imagine myself forgetting to put these on the charger…

Gotta ask it- do they work with a MAC?

Same here, But that is why I wooted 3. :slight_smile:

My mouse at work is an old PS/2 with a ball. I’ve been thinking of getting an optical to replace it, and this’ll do. My work computer is only capable of reading email and word processing anyway – two buttons and a wheel are all I need.

weird… not even listed on the Philips home page for mice & keyboards. But at this price it might be worth it.

Won’t find a better deal on a rechargeable wireless optical mouse unless you get lucky at the flea market, in for 2!!

I hate my cord/ball mouse. I got one! :smiley:

Can this thing charge from the USB port, or does it alwyas have to be pluged into the wall? Not a good mouse for a laptop if it needs a wall outlet all the time…

Gonna break my anti-DumbPost stance for this.
In for 2.

Interesting… I wonder why it would need to recharge so often? I have a MS wireless mouse on a regular AA battery, and it’s lasted over a year with regular use. At that rate, why bother with a charger? Seems you would kill the battery quicker by over-charging it than by just using a normal battery. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still not a bad price…