Philips SHB3060BK/27 Bluetooth Headband Headphone

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Philips SHB3060BK/27 Bluetooth Headband Headphone
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Are these ON-ear or OVER-ear headphones?

I can’t STAND on-ear headphones: Smaller drivers (sound tinny… less bass), uncomfortable (pressure on my ears make them impossible to feel comfortable for more than a minute or two, they get hot, etc…), they can’t block-out ambient noise, etc…

Why bother with on-ear headphones? Might as well use a $6 set of cheapie speakers from Microcenter or such.

Q&A at the mothership says these are on-ear - unless you have really tiny ears.

I have a pair of these & can confirm they’re on-ear (can’t confirm exact same model# atm).

I’d also prefer over the ear, but I still really like them. They’re sound-isolating, and do a decent job of such considering the price & on vs over-ear design. Battery life is good. Controls on the cans are handy & placed pretty well.

Overall, the freedom from a wire is a dream & make these well worth the price tag -IMHO.