Philips Skype Compatible Webcam with Headset

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New Philips Skype Compatible Webcam with Headset, for $7.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Philips SPC325 Skype Compatible Webcam with Headset

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hmm, technically its ubs, and crap. i win

de ja vu…

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mmmmm crrraaaapppp

guess I was wrong about my dongle


Darn! Missed the thermometer! How am I supposed to know if it’s cold out?? with a headset??


wonder if i have time to run down the hall and get a soda since the coffee is gone?

That’s what she said!

Anything decent comming up?

too bad my macbook has a built in isight camera

Did i miss bag of crap?

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Run, Forest, Run!!!

Dang, I missed Candi the USB pole dancer, what will I ever get fro my in-laws now?

Actually there is