Philips SoundBar Cinema Speakers

This sound bar is $99.88 at Amazon and ships free with Prime. I expected a better deal to be honest.

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can anyone give me some first hand experience with this? I was actually researching sound bars the last few hours so this came up at a perfect time!

Was some one at Woot! tracking my browsing history?

Also at Amazon, one of the captions Philips provides for the drawings is “Virtual surround sound technology offers premium audio with less components.”

LESS components? Really? Time to sic the techWoot! beta grammar police on the mother ship!

Did you not read the Woot! description? They are on it like white on rice, my friend.

Was at my grandmother’s earlier today and she has one of these because she wanted to hear the TV better (sounds silly, I know, but this is how she does stuff).

Great, very loud sound. Did not notice any distortion. The big box does bass, if it’s the same model as hers, and thumps it hard.

CR’s Take:

Rated 40 with the top Soundbar at 59 and the lowest at 19.

This low-priced 2.1-channel soundbar from Philips delivers good sound quality, so most non-critical listeners will likely find it sufficient for both music and movie playback. This model does not come with a disc player, so it’s best for those who already have a video player or who’d like to add one at a later date, and who want a basic soundbar but are not interested in the latest in Blu-ray sound-decoding technologies, such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Detailed test results

Sound quality: Philips’s CSS2123 had good sound quality. Bass has good impact and decent definition, but deep bass is lacking. Midrange is smooth and even, but very slightly muffled. Treble has good extension, but upper treble sounds a bit rolled off. There’s decent recovery of low-level detail and room ambience, but both bass and midrange distortion can be heard with some program material. The virtual-surround mode setting reduces sound quality; though it slightly increases the apparent soundstage depth, it reduces the width and height, producing a tunnel-like effect. The soundbar can provide satisfying volume levels in a medium-sized room.

Ease of use: We found this soundbar easy to set up, but the remote control features and ease of use were just fair. The console controls–or lack thereof (there wasn’t even an on/off switch, so the remote is needed)–were judged poor overall.

The only soundbar you should be considering is the Polk IHT 6000. If you don’t have the space, consider the IHT 4000 which is shorter in width but has two less speakers in the bar (dropping the total wattage.)

If you don’t have at least $400 to spend, save your money, because anything under $400 will be mildly, if any, better than your built-in speakers.

Read AVSFORUMS, HOME THEATER MAGAZINE, etc, and you’ll see my recommendations are correct. The IHT 6000 is the best soundbar in its price range (that being $300-$600)

i think people get so high-strung when it comes to these things.

it looks good, it sounds better than any TV speaker you’d likely ever consider putting in your room if you’re even LOOKING at the possibility of getting one of these.

and it’s cheap.

yeah i got sony’s soundbar and wireless sub, another set of sony corded soundbars all because my room is currently rocking a 55" and a 32" bravia and they make syncing super easy.

for all intents and purposes…if you’re looking for a cheap, relatively elegant solution and your media room isn’t an auditorium filled with elite socialites…these might just work for you.

This should be a great alternative for people who buy the $350 tvs on woot. save the $400 speakers for a way nicer tv.

i am curious… could i use these with just an xbox 360 and a tv? hard to tell from the pictures but would i plug the video component wires into the tv and the audio into this? i dont use hdmi, just hd component cables

It’s not “high strung” but simple cost and effect.

Most sound bars have no effect and they’re not free, making them worthless. My Samsung TV has lower THD than 90% of the soundbars on the market under $200. Sure, a sound bar adds slightly more volume (very slightly in the case of this 30w) and some worthless boom, but hey, there’s a very simple reason you have $100 and $450 products that may appear very similar. The $100 ones have the same stuff thats in your TV, and the $450 ones don’t.

In regards to the disclaimer that this cannot be shipped to APO due to the lithium battery… Where is the lithium battery in this thing? Doesn’t it just plug into the wall? I just bought a similar sound bar(higher end, slightly higher price) from W-Mart last week, and they seemed happy to ship it to me at APO. I was thinking this might be good for my upstairs TV, but foiled again by this lithium battery nonsense. Somebody’s shipping lithium batteries internationally, as they all come from China anyway. WTF?

We don’t make the rules, we just follow them. The lithium battery is in the remote. Sorry. :frowning:

My mom bought a crappy Sam’s club LCD and the speakers are absolutely horrible and tinny. She was just complaining to me about it yesterday, so this timing is perfect! Even if this thing isn’t audiophile approved, I’m sure she will be very happy with it.

Why post a comment like yours with regard to this $69 product and suggest that peeps should spend several hundred dollars more to get a better one?? Hey, people can always spend more but what people are looking at here is some bang for their limited bucks! This item comes with a sub and the only drawback is in the specs: Total Power : 60W RMS @ 30% THD

Sound bars are a gimmick and a poor value at that. Separate speakers provide far superior bass and imaging at the same price point. I can’t believe that people would choose to have 1" main speakers.

That’s ridiculous. We’re talking the difference between $70 and $400!?! I picked one of these up at Wallyworld last year for about $100 bucks and couldn’t be happier. I never expected surround sound… for Pete’s sake there’s 2 speakers, but the difference between this unit and the built in sound on an lcd is night and day.
It gives me crisp and full sound (again keeping price in mind) and really fills the room. They claim if you put it in just the right place in some perfect sized room you’ll get surround sound, but I don’t care enough to try.

If you’re looking for a nice, cheap unit to replace your tinny tv speakers and make your xbox sessions more fun, this is a good buy. If you are an audiophile and money is no option I’m not sure why you would even read this thread.

I have 2 inexpensive soundbars that I use with the Apple airport to stream music from Itunes. These inexpensive soundbars are a great way to get music around your home. I bought the airports used on ebay. Along with my AV receiver, I now have music all over my house. This also will work using Airfoil to stream Internet Radio around your house. I do not own this brand so I cannot comment on the quaility, but I can comment that I love mine and these can be very cost effective. I am thinking about this one to use outdoors to compete with my neighbors Rap music. I think they should enjoy my Barry Manilow.

Yes, you can do that. OR… You could run an optical cable from the Xbox 360(slim only?) into the sound bar for digital audio. That’s what Abraham Lincoln would do if he gamed.