Philips Spark 2GB MP3 Player w/ Two Free Audio Book Downloads Woot Info Post beats being rickrolled

Philips Spark 2GB MP3 Player w/ Two Free Audio Book Downloads [New] - $9.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Philips GoGear MP3 player SA2925A/37 Spark 2GB with FullSound™, 1 * VIP Card with Promo Code for 2 Free Audio Book Downloads at

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2 good reviews at Amazon

It’s things like that that make me yearn for the heady days of Sansa. Nothing says summer like Sansa.

Review at anythingbutipod

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But…but…but…its not a Sansa…

I know this is pretty pathetic, but I have never owned an mp3 player in my short life. /le gasp!

Oh man…I’m awaiting some reviews.

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Philips, you ask? I bought a Philips GoGear media player from Woot in April 2009, and it’s still going strong, even after endless trips in a pants pocket, being tossed in the car or a baseball bag, and a couple of drops. Decent sound, interface is intuitive. Thumbs up experience here.

Bought several a while back. Audio quality is fine with a decent set of earbuds. No clip so you need a pocket. They feel a little bit plastic and the edge navigation takes a little getting used too. I’m probably in for 3 more but I like the Sansa Clip much better.

at $24.99 last December. Hmmmmmm,…

If you can download any audiobooks you want from audible = it is well worth it just for that = the audiobooks are usually a lot more than $10 each

Here’s a Video Review.

I just picked off three. Do I get 6 free books?
I’m listening to classical music on one while I Woot.

Okay, I bit. I’ve got my first mp3 player. =)

And I own a lot more MP3 players than I actually use. (most were bought from woot)

Quick Start Guide: Error-404 | Philips

How fast can it scroll through podcasts/audiobooks? My $15 Sansa from Woot kinda takes forever.

Wonder if this is worth an upgrade from my trusty Creative Zen Stone 1gb.

The Zen Stone is light, enough storage. My music is mostly not in English so the display probably mean nothing… hmmmm…

That said, 30 hours of play time is always 3X the Zen Stone and that is certainly a big plus. I am sure I am also able to find some books worth listening to from audible.


Surprised no one has asked the eternal question about players that are sold on here.

Does it play while charging? I want to use it for a music on hold audio source and it needs to play while pluged into a generic USB charging plug.