Philips SPC300N Webcam with External Microphone



i have this cam and i gives out a good picture , the on ly thing is that it does not have an auto focus witch is a pain

but worth the 10…woot woot


Will not do 30 fps @ 640*480

Cheap little cam with mic, Okay for msn.


Nice description.


Does it work on Linux?


yep, got this from woot in my BOC from April Fool’s day. Not too bad.


This should be good for some laptops.


Philips SPC300N Webcam with External Microphone

$9.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference


How about Vista?


The description for the product is too funny, lol loved it.




Yes. Drivers here.


how bout a mac?


thanks for the drivers


No, you want something like this:


This will:) work with Mac OS X, and I would image Leopard 10.5.
Look here, a review on amazon:

And here is the FREE app:

Have fun kids!


USB1.1 not enough on 640x480


From the manual:

System requirements
• Microsoft® Windows® 98SE/2000/ME or XP;
• Pentium® III, 500 Mhz or equivalent;
• 128MB RAM and 100 MB free hard disk space;
• One free USB port and CD-ROM or DVD drive.

I like the cute product descriptions - that’s one of my favorite things about w00t - but it would really be nice if the cute description included a list of system requirements so we’d know whether this would work on our computers or not.


This product is 5 years old, so the manual’s specs may not matter now. As someone pointed out, there are Vista drivers with this, but that’s not mentioned in the manual, since there was no Vista back then.

The manual is available on-line at Philips


The manual says it’s USB 2.0, so why would this matter? Also, this is has a 320x240 sensor, so it’s probably not capturing at that resolution anyway.