Philips SPC700NC/37 PC Webcam



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Philips SPC700NC/37 PC Webcam
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Philips SPC700NC/37 PC Webcam

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i hope woot makes the next operating system


At least this one is from this decade.


That is actually pretty nice looking and cheap… does it work well?


Another webcam…STOP woot your going to atract a bunch of PERVS


Another Webcam? WTF Time for another iPod accessory or a Roomba next?


make is smaller and compatible with my Geordie Laforge iPod specs and you got a deal


Geesh! I hit the buy button and got the sold out button right away! How many did they have? 2?


that doesnt look half bad


Apparently they had zero of them—all three stats say “0% bought…”


What exactly is SVGA resolution?


Super Video Game Action lol. Cellphone Quality?


I got this the last time it was up on woot. It works fine but it’s nothing special. Also, it is kind of awkward to prop up because it only has one leg. I would say to get this if you aren’t going to be too picky about picture quality and maybe buying a tripod for it.


man i wanted this. it goes for $80.