Philips SPC900NC 90fps USB2.0 Webcam


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Philips SPC900NC 90fps USB2.0 Webcam
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Philips SPC900NC VGA 90fps USB 2.0 Webcam

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Cool. Have 3. 1 for each computer.


I know they say:

“High quality video running on 90 frames per second at 640 by 480 resolution,”

but do they really mean it? Is the video grainy like most cheap Webcams?


What’s with all the webcams lately? Talk about over-saturation. Good thing I don’t lose an hour of sleep tonight.

Oh, wait …


Anybody used this webcam before?


640 X 480 = suck


What to do? My LCD only runs at 75 Hertz. It looks like this camera has a notebook clip, so that’s a plus!


What’s a snapshop button?


Own one already… Phillips makes amazing quality webcams. Worth every penny. The clarity is what makes it impressive.


Looks like it works in linux:


This looks like a good unit. How does it compare to others?


90FPS! nice, too bad TV is 30FPS, this must be HD or something…


you push it and it takes a photo and automatically brings up the software to save the photo as a file.


These little guys are really great. We use them in the physics lab I TA for to watch microfluidics. They have an incredibly small focal length (we basically stick them right up against the fluid channels), and have a much better video quality than I ever would have guessed from a cheap webcam. I think we got them for $50 at wally world. Good deal!




My Philips is a HiDef web cam that looks just like the Woot but, I got mine from ebay.
What a good camera, it works as advertized on Skype but Yahoo’s Messenger does not allow the camera to work to it’s full extent.
All in all, it is a good score and $25.00 is a good price.


So they meant snapshoT? That makes more sense. HA!


I should totally get this for my business partner so he can look at himself…
what are these for really?!


OK, it looks like a good one – but exactly what can I do with it?