Philips Streamium Wireless 80GB Music Center with Station

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Phillips Steamium Wireless 80GB Music Center with Station
$249.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Philips WACS57/37 Streamium 80GB Wireless Music Center with Station and 2 Way LCD Remote

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may be if it did video

Could this thing also be used a karaoke machine?

Nice looking for sure, but not exactly pocket sized.

Is that a rebranded Logitech Harmony?

Is this compatible with a Mac?

HDD ='s easy to upgrade.

Manufacturer’s website

Contains all the relevant info (like software, manuals etc.)

Steamium? A subtle Freudian slip?

I’m not exactly sure what it does other than just act as a music server? Thats what my old p.o.s. dell is doing right now…

MSRP $799

Here is the poop sheet:

80GB is probably big enough for most folks, but that’s still pretty small for people with very large CD collections. I wonder if it can be upgraded “by owner”…

sometimes i dont understand the useless technology thats out there… seriously… whats the point of this item?

pass. too many other, cheaper, ways to do the same thing.


Easily hacked original xbox can do music and video with XBMC and can be had for around a hundred bucks or less. Weak.

what is wrong with listening to music in one room? Or take your portable mp3… Why do I need this? I could use this money somewhere else.

Jeez for $250 youre more than halfway to a Mac mini which can do this and so much more