Philips TuneStick III+ FM Transmitter

Neato, dude!

now that is a hot item!

ouch ouch ouch

FM Transmitters are awful all around.

Prays to the Woot Gods

Please go quickly

yaaaay! in for 1!

will this work with my iPad?

Is it 3rd Gen compatible?

I have one of these. It would be really great if it was a good transmitter, because the remote is really handy, but unfortunately I get ALOT of static with mine. I wouldnt recommend this thing to anyone.

iPod only? No thx.

Bummer, that would have made it on OKAY deal.

got me 1 for sure…it has to beat my monster one that is HORRIBLE and I paid like $80 for.

heh heh. the iphone in the picture has a low battery.

whoops. :stuck_out_tongue:

“(iPhone in photo Not included)”

so that means the iPod Touch is included…

Show some love for the Zune…sigh…just call me Charlie Brown

Why is that? I realize you get what you pay for (in most cases), but “all around”?

I was waiting for a post like this. At such a low price, I figured there’d be a lot of static.

You can contact Alpha Centauri with your iPod once connected to this.

So, there’s an iPhone in the picture, but they’re not compatible? Isn’t that false advertising?

Not if it uses flash.