Philips Viva Airfryer - 2 Colors

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No square trade?

I don’t understand how this could work the way they are saying it does. There would be too much moisture in the food for it to fry crispy. Lid down, little oil = steamed food, seems to me.

I challenge anyone to batter and fry anything in this thing.

Hmmm…I don’t know that it’s a batter and fry thing. They were using this on a Cooking show last Season, can’t remember which one…it’s tempting, that’s for sure!!

From the Product Site: alaTest has collected and analyzed 4130 reviews of Philips HD9220. The average rating for this product is 4.3/5, compared to an average rating of 4.1/5 for other Other Home Appliances for all reviews.

My sister swears by her Air fryer for French Fries and she loved her deep fat fryer… but I dont know what brand she has but I have had no luck with Philips in the past they look nice but break quickly.

America: even our air is fried.

Saw this at Bed Bath & Beyond last week for $199… Before 20% coupon. $119 is ok…but are they really worth the money?

I’ve been using one of those glass air ovens with the blowing heat source on the top for some time and I would think they would act the same way, plus hold more items and be easier to clean. 1.8lb cooking basket capacity is not a lot! I cook turkeys in my thing.

Thanks. That is good info.

We have an airfryer. Calling it a “fryer” is a bit of a stretch. It’s basically a small, freestanding convection oven. It will cook things a little quicker than the oven without having to heat up a big oven.

EDIT: “Small” means smaller than an oven. This thing takes up a pretty big chunk of counterspace.

Is this compatible with my George Foreman grill?

I’ve owned one of these for about a year. Here’s the rundown:

-No batter
-Fill the tray up as much as in the picture and you’re gonna have a bad day
-Still has clean-up, though the mess is entirely contained
-I really only use it for french fries, either store bought frozen or home made
-Yes you can cook everything else, but this thing is good at drying out food
-In fact, that’s literally what it’s made for

I make sweet potato fries with it about monthly. it’s great at what it does and if you’re a french fry lover then by all means get this but let it be known, this thing is far more useful if you find yourself without a stove in your home for whatever reason.

I noted buried in the reviews on the mothership that at least one person has found it nigh on impossible to get replacement parts for the white unit.

And another person learned the hard way that you can’t put the plastic handled do-hickey in the oven. Which brings to mind this: I’m A Danger To Myself and Others

Even Shah Rukh Khan hawks the Indian version of this on TV! Enough reason for me…

So I hear fries and samosas are good, anyone tried breaded okra, aka “french fried okra” in this?

I’ve had an airfryer for a while. I absolutely positively 100% love this device. I use it practically every day to heat up/cook a wide variety of items. Basically, if it needs to be heated and won’t make a mess, I stick it in the airfryer.

You’ve been on probation since 2008 for a post with two bad words?!