Philips Viva Airfryer - 2 Colors

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I have had a Jet Stream Oven (American Harvest/Nesco) since early 80’s. Can’t live without that thing and have a few in reserve that I’ve found over the years at garage sales/thrift store.

It seems they have a new version out now, but I will stick with my old ones til I run out, or die.

Purchased fries crisp up great in this thing, best one’s in my book are the frozen Checker Fries. Home fries can be done the same. Love bacon and pork chops in my JSO. Air “frying” rocks, but I would want something that I can use forjust about everything. I even use my JSO for toasting bread items. Popcorn, potatoes and baked goods get the oven, just about everything else gets the JSO treatment.

I’ve had this fryer for 1 1/2 years, use it mostly every day. Makes the best grilled cheese EVER…use artisan bread, a mix of favorite cheese (we use muenster, colby, monterey jack). Bread comes out crispy and golden brown, cheese is oooey gooey delicious and it’s not mashed down or floppy as is on a stovetop. Amazing for chicken nuggets, fries, toasting thick cut breads (had irish soda bread this morning),making any sandwich toasted without needing buttered bread, reheating pizza (crisps the crust), fish sticks…and so many more things and we never ever add oil. Have given this to my 5 children…they LOVE it. My grandson wanted to know if Mom had brought the air fryer to their vacation in Florida! Best little gadget EVER. In for another to give as a gift and a spare for our vacation house! Lots of recipes online, tho many are European versions, but good for ideas. Easy to clean. Beats heating up a whole oven especially in the summer, if it ever gets warm again…

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I have one of those “nuwave” ovens - i think the same sort in this quoted post.
i too think it would be the same or similar to an “air fryer”.

I would like to hear from someone that has experience w both. anyone?

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You should try the white Avalon Bay air fryer. It’s under $100 and works the same if not better, AB-Airfryer100W

I used to have the Nuwave; now I have a Deni with the glass bowl style. After watching the video on Amazon for the HD9230/26 Digital model of the airfryer (the video for this model refused to play for me), I concur that this has a very similar cooking methodology. If you have seen the way the glass bowl style ovens self-clean with (water and) the air flow from the internal fan, they won’t need the star-fish shaped gimmik at the bottom of the airfryer.

Earlier, I experimented with the air-fry recipes found for the IR/convection ovens, but wasn’t happy with my results. One difference I see here is the fryer basket with a mesh bottom. If this improves the air flow pattern for better results, it should be easy to duplicate for making potato fries etc. Definitely worth experimenting.

Another “90 DAY WONDER GADGET” that will take up much needed counter space.

That’s the glass thing with the heater on top I am talking about. Now appearing, often never used, at a Goodwill near you. I have two and the extension ring. Most are the same, regardless of brand name.

I broil steaks on the circular rack with sweet onions underneath.

White is back in stock

Hey all, we sold out of the white but the vendor was able to locate more. We’ve got it back in stock while supply lasts.

I tried one of these things from HSN and sent it back. The thing is huge and does not hold a good amount of food. So if you have limited counter space, I would reconsider about buying this. Food did not turn out all that great either. Like I said before , the thing is huge for no more food than it holds.

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But ya gotta love this (from mothership):

“Technique 6.5 Qt Nonstick Pressure Cooker w/ Voice Command plus Cookbook”

A voice controlled pressure cooker!

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