Philips Viva Airfryer - 2 Colors

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Philips Viva Airfryer - 2 Colors
Price: $119.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

How long does it take to fry french fries? What is the capacity of the fry basket?

Bought it last time. Tried it 4 times. Didn’t like it. Fries got tough, not crisp.

I bought the XL version a while back on Woot. I use it almost every day. Baked potatos…biscuits. It really is a time saver. Great for a single person or a couple.

It definitely works best with thick, steak-style fries. Personally, I love mine and have used it many times. Purchased from Woot a couple of months ago. Chicken wings, frozen fries, frozen battered fish…they all came out great for me! If nothing else, I like being able to toss the basket/pan into the dishwasher as opposed to dealing with oven splatter. But that’s me. #lazy

If anyone cares, there’s what I’d hope would be a good airfryer cookbook on pre-order right now which has been written by renowned chef Todd English. It will be released on Jan. 12, so not much longer to wait. See here:

There are other brands available…New, and some under $100. Anyone have any experience with the other brands?

I use mine at least 4X a week…

Frozen Fries 10 to 15 minutes
Home made Fries (wedges) 5 to 10 minutes
Chicken Nuggets - 10 minutes
Chicken Breasts - 10 minutes
WINGS!!! - 8 to 10 minutes (Put foil in bottom)

I love mine… No oil, so you dont have that taste, but this cooks stuff that is normally very fattening and takes a lot of calories out. The basket is not huge but with some creative placement a lot can be cooked. (Stand up wings vertically and cook for example)

I don’t know how I lived with out it. love this product.

My college age son uses it constantly and I am probably going to have to buy him one…

I was going to order this one, but instead ordered a new digital one that looks very similar for a lower price:

I think I would spend the extra $10 for a known brand vs a brand I have never heard of.