Philips Viva Airfryer - 2 Colors

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Philips Viva Airfryer - 2 Colors
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Big price decrease.
I was interested in these at one time, but after researching them, they are essentially convection ovens that do an OK job. Many things said you’re better off getting a toaster oven with convection functions as they are cheaper and work better. I guess it’s more what you’re after though.
Please note, these only do dry batter.

Being single, I use it almost as much as a microwave. I love mine but, wouldn’t recommend it for more than 2 people.

Yeah, I’m getting the feeling that they are convection ovens with more fan speed than normal but not significantly different beyond that.

I love mine. It does a better job of cooking frozen foods, like french fries, egg rolls and other foods that you want crisp. It gets foods crispier than a toaster or regular oven.

Versions of this has been sold for 30 years on infomercials. This version is just a very small footprint oven. For $60 I got the Big Boss Oval Rapid Wave 17.5-Quart 1300 Watt Hi-Speed-Low Energy infrared convection Oven, and Turkey Roaster from the mothership. If you can accommodate the larger size, it has enough room to do a medium sized turkey or “fry” enough for 4 people. Newer versions have both the halogen lamp and the heating elements. It does a great job of browning. My 30 year old version didn’t have the halogen lamp and does a poor job of browning items like fries.

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For what it’s worth: anyone who considers the Air Fryer for frys would be better served by this We have one, it gets daily use.

Frying uses grease or oil. When you use hot air its called baking.

Bought one of these a few months ago. It makes great crispy Buffalo Wings.

Read the description…this uses a small bit of oil as well.

I have one of these. I really like it, but it’s hard to clean the basket. I throw in chicken every Sunday to cook for the week. It makes it crispy, but not greasy. I love that it only take 20 minutes to do a work week’s worth of cooking.

I love love love my airfryer and am bummed that I spent $199 on it at Bed Bath & Beyond :frowning:

Any machine that can cook sweet potato fries to a crisp with no oil is top notch in my book!

That’s only if you want to drizzle some olive oil on the skin to help crispen the outside. You can do the exact same thing with a convection oven.

Toss the basket in the dishwasher. Clean as a whistle.

Bed Bath and Beyond is for people with too much money…overpriced

Not everyone has a dishwasher.

I’ve heard of people using coupons to get things cheap, free, or even money back there.

Chicken cooked on Sunday is Not a food I would want to eat all week… After 3 days at best, it is garbage IMO…