Philips Viva Digital Airfryer Oven

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Philips Viva Digital Airfryer Oven
Price: $169.99
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I have one of the more basic models without the digital display and I use it to heat various frozen foods, “fry” fresh cut potatoes, heat up meats, etc; it works great. Understand this is basically a turbo convection oven and not a replacement for a deep fryer, but it can have similar results with some foods without the oil.

They are advertising this right this moment on TV for $99. Interesting coincidence I was reading the ad here and hearing the description on TV in the background. Three payments of $33.39 .

My mother has one of these and loves the hell out of it. It makes some delicious tater tots. (Shut up, I love tots.)

Good product, pretty weak discount from street price.

I bought the HD9220/26 non digital one during a woot-off - for about half the price I might add - and I love it.
We do frozen french fries, fish sticks, I even did a couple of chicken legs and they came out great. You can fit about 10 chicken wings in a single layer with just a little spray on oil and they come out as crispy as you want.
Definitely recommend this.

You can cook just about anything in these air fryers. I have a Cooks Essentials and love it. This is way overpriced.

I have the 9240XL.

An essential piece in the kitchen. I use it for baked potatos all the time. Just the wife and I…so why heat up the kitchen using the oven for 2 spuds?


P.S. The price here is not a good deal.

My wife COVETED this thing in WS for the better part of a year. Knowing her whims I refused to pay over $300 for something we’d use once and stick on a shelf. When it appeared on woot a year or so ago I bought one just to say “I told you so”.
Damned if we don’t use the thing once a week. It really does make acceptable wings and fries etc. anything frozen like tenders and appetizers come out great. The only caveat I’d share is that you’re not cooking for a group with this thing as most of the cooking times are long (15 mins +) compared to 5 mins for frying.
All in all it was a much more useful tool than I gave credit.

These things are awesome. Makes some of the best pork chops and chicken breasts I’ve ever made myself. Bread them in flour like you normally would, then spritz it with olive oil. I’ve lost about 20 pounds since making the switch. Easy to use, easy to clean.

To those talking about the price…

The next lowest is a red handled one on Amazon for $184.99 + $24.67 shipping. Google shopping says it has free shipping but that’s incorrect.

The next price I see is $215.49.

If you’re seeing a better price on THIS model, holler.

Sort of like BestBuy/Costco/Sam’s/Target all having their unique model numbers but same item type of price matching?

These are sold for $99 or less all the time. Maybe different model number but frys the same and same or larger capacity at the same watts and temps.

Do the noble thing and woot it for $59 like the old days.

Fair comment on different models but I’m still not finding a better or near price for a Philips Viva Digital.

And in the old days, Woot was a wholesale company that had a retail site for grins and giggles. :slight_smile:

Not the same model or company, but similar specs:

Of course, if you don’t need digital doodads on the item, you can find several for under $100 on the parent ship with equally high reviews as the Philips, both in quantity and quality. Here’s an example:

Ah, the good old days…

And I bought a non-digital, weird brand one for $79 on Woot a few months ago. One of my friends bought a Chevy Bolt instead of a Tesla Model S. I own a GE oven range instead of a similarly specced Smeg (tee hee, Smeg. Sorry. Too much Red Dwarf in my youth to take that brand seriously). This is a well reviewed model that has some fanciness and I’m sure we’ll also get the less fancy ones someday too, and maybe even a Wifi/Bluetooth enabled one for an even higher price. We’ll push hard for the best price for any given product, but no supplier is going to price match to off-brand or lesser spec. We can only get ya the best price on the product on offer (and we will try and find any “fuzzy” model numbers to the best of our ability!). It’s either worth it to ya for the cool features or it ain’t. Your call! :slight_smile:

tbf the good ole days were like 90% Sansa MP3 Players and refurbished Roombas, so…

DH thought airfryers looked great so he bought ME one a few months ago. Can’t recall the brand, but I haven’t been happy with it. We’ve only tried three things in it with mixed results:

Frozen fries – Were ok, but had to cook them twice as long as even the fryer directions said.

Frozen onion rings – Checked them halfway through the cook time recommended and they were burned.

Fresh battered fish fillets – The fish was ok, but the batter stayed, well, batter-y. Never cooked at all.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but am interested to see so many folks who love the things. Suggestions?

But dagnabbit it, I really miss my Sansa MP3 players. They were awesome for running and hiking, instead of lugging my phone. I still have two, they have a ton of my ‘old’ music on them…

Misty watercolor memories…LOL