Philips VOX130 Lapel Style Bluetooth Earbud



Philips VOX130 Lapel Style Bluetooth Earbud

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    1 Philips VOX130 Lapel Style Bluetooth Earbud


never did like the earbud style but for only 6 dollars it seems like a good deal to at least consider.




I can’t stand how earbuds feel, but maybe that’s just because I have big ears. D:


Cheap enough. But still do not like the cord nor the Battery Type: NiMH .

I’ll still with the woot! Jabras.


i think i’ll pass, sure 5.99 is cheap for blue tooth, but ppl with them all look like fags


can i get one that dosnt need blue tooth for my phone


Check fBay … Everyone is trying to dump their AT&T H450


looks junky


An earbud or a |beetle| covering your ear? I dont’ like looking like a borg. I’d rather tote the hardware on/in my pocket.

We gave each other a knowing smile. The wife says “Get one for me. I’ll Try it.”

I’ll take two…


I like earbuds so much better…idk i just think they are more comfortable…the battery is low quality but for 6 bucks i’ll take 3 and resell 2 of them for 10-15 lol


Well, I can see why this product is on the sellout.woot – what was Philips thinking when they designed this product? A bluetooth headset that still requires a wire for an earbud?

Kinda defeats the whole reason for buying a bluetooth headset…


Can anyone confirm that this will or will not work with music? I have a chocolate and my bluetooth works great for phone calls, but I want a bluetooth earbud for music… is this my fix or should i save my $11?


I would say save the $11. The LG chocolate has an advanced bluetooth audio profile (A2DP), and I haven’t seen anything that says this headset supports that profile.


I am in for three so I can give them as gifts to my negligent friends who need at least two of these kinds of devices so when they misplace one, they have another.

SAVE YOUR MONEY. These are NOT stereo bluetooth. This is a single earbud that works with any phone that has bluetooth. This will even work on my BlackBerry Curve that has stereo bluetooth.

My phone’s bluetooth detects the type of headset I am using and “pairs” or connects with it, regardless if it is a stereo or mono headset or earbud.

Stereo bluetooth is fairly new technology. While SOME new phones have it, most do NOT. Best to call your carrier, mention your phone model and ask 1) does your phone have bluetooth; 2) is it stereo; and 3) while not relevant to most bluetooth, while they are on the line, might as well ask what size audio port you have, 2.5 mm or 3.5 mm. Newer phones are coming out with 3.5 mm ports, like my Curve.

Note: If you have bluetooth on your computer, notebook or other devices emitting a bluetooth audio signal, many times this will work. For example, on my desktop computer I have a cheap bluetooth dongle or “transmitter” installed in a USB port. [was about $12.]

I can attach or “pair” all kinds of devices to that little bluetooth dongle, including this Philips earbud. Why do that? Well, I also have Skype phone service. I could dial out from the PC and use this earbud as the ear piece and microphone for the phone call.

So IMHO there’s lots of reasons to get one of these, if not three. Heck, if you don’t see yourself needing one now, I am sure someday you will. At that time you can open the drawer and fire it up [after charging it.]

Sidenote: I have the Philips Vox 340 bluetooth dongle and earbuds, etc. It’s stereo and it works so well I wish Woot would repeat it as I can’t find them for less than about $50 on eBay. Based on this experience, I can say this Philips is better than most “no name” devices, like that iBlu M10 BT earbud recently offered on Woot [of which I nevertheless bought 6 because of price.]

Bonus Comment: What’s with the dongle concept? That’s actually better in many respects. Many people don’t like hanging heavy or conspicuous devices on their ear.

And have you ever noticed that law enforcement do NOT wear big devices on the ear. They have a simple earbud like this. So put this on your ear, wear a tan raincoat, and black shoes. For maximum effect, talk into your sleeve. :slight_smile:

Have to rush, so no time to spell or grammar check. Take the pain and don’t flame me for errors.


Like the other member said, since your phone has BT stereo capability, you should be on the lookout for a bluetooth headset or earbuds that specifically say they work in stereo. This device does NOT say it is a stereo set, the pic does NOT show two earbuds, and Woot describes it as an “earbud,” not “earbuds.”

For an example of stereo models that work with this “dongle” concept, see eBay and search “Philips Vox 340”


Actually, there are many people who do NOT like self-contained headsets. See previous Woots were members have posted not liking anything bulky hanging off the ear. It’s really just a matter of personal preference. Not everyone agrees with one person’s opinion as to what works for him or her.

And most government, law enforcement agencies use these earbud models. None that I have known, fed or state, use those “Jabra” style headsets. What you don’t see on agents is that on the inside of a coat or jacket they have a dongle pinned to coat or shirt.

These certainly look more discreet than having a large “bug” hanging on the ear.

And IMHO they are more functional when in action situations. Most ear devices have trouble staying on, for example when on my road bike. But the little ear bud tends to stay put.

As to defeating the purpose of bluetooth, not at all. This eliminates the need to have the headset or earbud connected to the phone. The dongle holds the battery [they have to put it somewhere]. In any event, the battery in the dongle is an alternative to having the entire unit contained in the ear piece.

Personally, I like this more discreet method of talking on the phone. I prefer not to have a “Spock” device on the ear. These earbuds are not as noticeable.

That’s what they were thinking. :slight_smile:


thank you for all your help. I’ll save my money on this one :slight_smile:


Sure, go visit Radio Shack…