Philips VOX130 Lapel Style Bluetooth Earbud



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Philips VOX130 Lapel Style Bluetooth Earbud
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Philips VOX130 Lapel Style Bluetooth Earbud

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It’s a wireless headset! With a wire! WOOT


Now your scarun me.


so leakfrog was teh culprit in the mansfield movie eh? … it was mansfield right? with the statue of libertys head rolling down the street…


Great for the new Cali law!!! Wired is good!!


i applaud you, yay for leakfrog!


THis is actually good for a PS3


I made that for a chop contest a few weeks back. Got HM for it. :slight_smile: I think that took me 5 or 6 hrs to do because I wanted it just right.


i prefer these rather than those stay-in-ur-ear bluetooths


that is the last straw woot, you shall not rob me of any more moments of precious sleep with your possibilities of good items when you have only delivered undesirable items thus far. farewell and goodnight


I would buy it… but i’m waiting for the next bluetooth headset.


Why am I still awake =[


I wanna punch that dooodooo guy in the face… I get it you like or make sucky music and u want the world to know it… well stop possing as something it’s not. please post “terrible music” or “Worse than a root canal” Instead of Froooogled it.

But seriously if you live anywhere around San Jose please let me know so I can knock some sense into you…


Liar, you’re not going anywhere! Blackula of Cornwall!


Hey this works great when riding ur motorcycle.


you mean geekmuffs?


you missed the zune


California has the new law… will this help?