Philips Wall Mountable Micro Shelf Audio System

BA! CD’s are so 90’s

There is an RCA input on the back so if you purchase the correct cables you can play your iPod or mp3 player on these speakers. Other than that, this is a pretty average stereo.

How hard is it to be MP3 CD compatible? :frowning:

CD-RW implies that it is MP3 Compatible since RW cannot be burned as an audio CD due to the fact that they do not finalize; that or I’m off my rocker/meds.

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Philips Wall Mountable Micro Shelf Audio System
$34.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product: 1 Philips MC235B Flat Wall Mountable Micro Shelf Audio System

Long live the Woot-Off !!!

Nice system, but it’s not a BOC and there IS a woot off going on… back to the woot tracker.

This is an uncommon misconception. A CD-RW can be finalized and can also be undone by either reformatting or writing over the finalize sectors.

This audio system will not recognize MP3 CD’s but will recognize Britney’s new album burned to CD-R/W.

Useless for playing MP3’s on CD/CDr/CDRW…this from the Users Manual:
Playing a disc
This CD player plays Audio Discs including CDRecordables
and CD-Rewritables.
computer CDs, however, are not possible.

That means CDA only.

Wow this would have been hot in the streets in 1989

pass the mic

This is an older version of the Philips I’ve got. Mine plays mp3 CDs and has a USB input so you can plug in your mp3 player or a flash (thumb) drive and play mp3 files directly from it. That’s great for parties. Load up a 4GB flash drive with music and let it play all night.

I was hoping this was a refurb of the model I’ve got. I would have picked one up.

haha an uncommon misconseption… nice

Thanks for answering the same question I had about mp3 compatability, and making me laugh (to myself, not outloud) at the same time.

I’m in for one since it has an Aux port. I don’t really do CD’s anymore, but the Aux port and FM radio will get used.

I’m going to put it in my master bathroom.

Can I jog with it??

Can’t you burn an MP3 cd as a CD-R? Also is it safe to buy refurbished speakers? Will they work like new ones? I might go for one considering I need a new alarm clock, and it’d be nice to have a good cd player in the bedroom.

I have the version of this stereo without the alarm clock and sleep timer that I use in my home office. It looks and sounds nice, and I run my MP3 player through the aux in. It gets very good radio reception with the included antenna that mounts to the back of the unit. I passed on mounting it to the wall, as it seemed to me that it would look clunky hanging there as thick as it is.

I’m in for 1

not anymore. :frowning: Oh well, woot’s still awesome!