Phillips Combo DVD/VCR with Direct Dubbing

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Phillips Combo DVD/VCR with Direct Dubbing
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Da funk???

What is a VCR?



Did I just step into a time machine and get transported back to the last millenium??

good for bashing zombies… not much else.

can this record vhs to dvd too?

This should be included in a bag-of-crap

I hope they sell a stand alone tape rewinder. I wouldn’t want to burn out the vcr.

VCR’s still exist?

Why would anyone pay $30 for a VCR? Not only is it big and clunky, but if you needed one, these DVD/VCR combos are on eBay for less money.

I got one of these back in 2001. I still use it down in the workout room.

I seriously doubt it…

Next item up will be a telegraph machine.

Will this work with my Betamax collection?

Get me some champagne and I will give you some Diamonds.

I missed the mp3 player :frowning: