Phone Systems

I’ve owned this system for about a year and like it. Clear audio, feature rich and a good value.

Does the keypad light up? The description only says “big” buttons. Don’t get me wrong. Big is good! But Big and lighted is better!

Checked with our reps, and indeed! They do light up.

Gotta be the lowest price I’ve seen on these. Have the older unit and it’s still cooking fine, but this is soooooooo tempting.

Does this work with the Ooma Office system?

People still use land line phones?

Here is a link to the owner’s manual.

Thought I’d also add as a direct quote from the manual “Up to 2 cellular phones can be registered. However, only one Bluetooth device (cellular phone or headset) can be connected to the base unit at a time.”

Oooh- good catch. That’s a bit of a deal breaker. I just looked at one at the store last night that can have two attached at once.

Creative license taken with the photos? We all know one cannot simply “call woot.”
Unless…will woot’s phone number be programmed into the address book if we order one of these phones?!?
Kidding aside. We own the silver set with link to cell. Good batch of phones. Bought them when they were offered here on May 12th. Link to cell works well, especially since we have poor cell coverage in our house. Leave the cell at a window and can walk around a bit with the handset. The range is ok, it’s bluetooth. I really like the talking caller id. The range of the phones themselves is good. The base unit is at one corner of our house and the furthest handset is plugged into the furthest, opposite corner and there is no loss of quality (through 4 interior walls). We like them and they are a good buy. Why are you still reading? Put one or three in your cart already!

So Woot does have a phone number :slight_smile:


Has anyone received their phone yet? I placed my order on the 9th and 8 days later it still hasn’t shipped.

I too placed my order on the 9th and got an email yesterday the 17th saying the order had been canceled. I really wanted the phone :frowning:

My order placed on 9th, included this phone among other stuff. They told me they do not have this anymore and refunded the money for the phone. Rest of the order is on priority shipping. Nice gesture, but I too, really wanted this phone set. Will look out for the next time Woot puts this on sale (hopefully!).

I ordered it on december 9 and never received it - yet I was charged. the other item I ordered made it - this was supposed to be in the same box but was not… just found out today (Christmas) :frowning:

I’m really sorry to hear that. Have you emailed with your order number, user name and situation yet?

I’m in the same boat. Received the other items ordered that day but not the phones. I have emailed support, 'bout 10 days ago… got the auto response that woot is busy and we’ll get with you sometime…

Please check your email inbox associated with your Woot account, a response has been sent to you by Woot Member Services.

We also recommend that you check the spam folder of your email provider, as sometimes their responses get filtered there.

Thank you for your ongoing patience while they attended to the issue.

Yes, I did get a response and a refund, but the refund was $10 less than I paid for the phones… I’m sure Woot will get it straight eventually!