Phone Systems

Can someone tell me if the panasonic phones have a lighted keypad?

The keypad on each handset is lit with an amber light although the base keypad isn’t lit.

While the TALK and OFF (end) keys don’t appear lit in the picture above, to the naked eye they are indeed just dimmer to the point where my phone’s camera didn’t capture them against the brighter number pad.

Can someone tell me will these sets works outside of US,say in India?

I was not happy with my Ooma. First refurb failed just after the warranty period, service was spotty, plus for a second line (and the cool features) you have to give them an additional subscription fee. I have found a MUCH better alternative with an Obihai OBI-202 device. Uses your google voice phone number, no additional fees, and if you get the 202 model, you can plug in your fax machine OR have TWO google voice numbers - each ringing a different line / device! Very cool, and for a TRUE one-time cost of only $60 you can’t beat it. Obi-202 for the win!

I believe that Google voice support for this ends in May 2014. See the Ohihai web site for more information.

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