Phonetically Optimistic

Love it! I got first sucker too!

WTG Luke! Buying this will really balance me out, since I’m wearing Pessimist Prime today!,1,169,124.png

Battling the depressicons, no doubt.

Can someone explain this one to me?

Never mind. Duh.

Sorry, I’m being really slow this morning. Can someone explain this to me please? Thanks.

Here you go :slight_smile:

optimus + tic = phonetically optimustic (Optimistic)

Oh, now I feel really dumb! How did I miss that? DOH!

Psssh, it happens to the best of us.

I wish I knew how to upload a photo correctly :frowning:

Totally a missed opportunity to have Optimus palling around with The Tick!

another great print from Luke! way to go :slight_smile:

Optimus Primetic?


That’s what I kept seeing, had to come here for the explanation :(.

Optimus and the Tick shaking hands with the caption “Looks like it’s gonna be a GOOD day!”

This is awesome. Someone should definitely do this!

That’s what I came up with, too!

First I tried “Transformer-tic”. Second was this. Third guess was “Autobotic”. Had to come to the comments to have it explained. (“Oh, right, just his first name.”)

But it’s kinda cool once you get it.