Photo to Canvas, Framed

This price point is really pretty good.

Also, am I the only one disappointed that you don’t have the option to have the woot staff pic?

With the frame it isn’t a bad price. I see tons of deals on the canvas prints from living social and other places, usually 2 for this price but no frame. I’ve got one in my house and have given some as gifts. I always like the look of them and think they come out nice. The frames a new aspect to it. Well have to debate this one in my head. I bet I lose.

For a company that professes to be the retailer and manufacture (and hails from TX), but uses masking on their physical address, phone number is unlisted and a website design a 5yr. old could have created does not instill confidence.
Woot: How about some background on this company?

I found about as much info as you did. I pinged our buyers to see if there’s anything else we know and can disclose.

I really would like to try this but am having trouble finding pictures I want to use with the 2000 x 3000 size. Has anyone used a picture smaller and do they come out decent (not exactly highest quality but decent)?

I worked for an engineering firm once that had a few of these done from Imagelot depicting some of the finer architectural projects we were involved in. They were quite nice. The company also has an extensive photo gallery that customers can use, generally for canvas prints for fine hotels or other venues.

For what it’s worth, fedex is having a special on photo to canvas. They’re not framed, but they’re stretched and mounted and ready to hang for only $40. Same size.