No! Bad Woot! No!

BenQ??? A genuine odd duck. All I can find are reviews from Zambia and eastern Europe.

Does anyone know about the Flashpoint L100 Aluminum tripod. I thik it is a
discontinued adorama brand. Some folks think it is made by the same factory as Benro? Why is it a refurb? No sites will let me read the reviews. Mysterious.

I’m buying the compact model with the F/1.8 lens. Will report later.

Does the BenQ G1 come with a case, as it does on the mothership?

Nice to see people still buying tripods.

Now that garage sale season is in full swing, keep your eyes open.

I have TWO Tiltalls (one at home, one at work) I found for $10 each!

And a Bogen Manfrotto for about $15.

+1 for the case question.

Seems the G1 is often bundled with a cool looking retro leather case. So, Woot, does the G1 kit here include a case, or is it a stand alone model?

The box would have a sticker in the upper right corner on the front that states it has a “premium pouch”. So, it should be easy to figure out if this is the case bundle or not.

Here is a picture of the case bundle packaging (and the cool case):

So, any ideas on this Woot staffers?

I’m not a big fan of what we used to call “never-ready cases,” but if that case is NOT included and you WANT one, the $20 difference from the mothership maybe worth spending to get it.

Then again, the Amazon listing says “Free Letter Pouch” so, whatever that really means!

I’ll see if I can find out about the case; check back for an update.

But in this case, the never-ready case covers the worst aspect of the camera, that big “BENQ” on the front :smiley:

In web searching a little, the G1 actually comes in three different packages (just to add to the confusion here). One is just the camera, one is a camera with a slip case complete with traditional flap (as show in the user manual), and last version is the one with the “Premium” case. No way to tell which is which without a picture of the box, or full content lists.

A certain auction site has the white G1 for $62 and black G1 for $65 with the retro case. So, that is only $7 and $10 over Woot (and less than the mother ship) and guaranteed to have a case.

Neither color G1 is what I would call pretty, but for $55-$65 (depending on where you pic up this model) it’s not bad deal for a CMOS sensor, flip screen, and fast F1.8 lens.

Reviews were middling on the G1, but there is a firmware update (v2.00), and typically firmware updates improve things (unless you’re Nikon*).

** OK, admittedly that was a cheap shot at Nikon… but locking out 3rd-party batteries with a firmware update is a pretty low thing to do.*

Locking out third-party batteries is both a profit and defensive move. Yes, they make ALL the money off bateries, but they also pevent damage when the $10 SinoTron cell wrecks the camera’s circuits and the oh-so-clever customer puts in the orginal cell and returns the camera for warranty repair.

Or, the oh-so-clever customer buys the SinoTron cell, uses it and it takes far fewer shots than with the better OEM cell. Then oh-so-clever gives the camera a one star bad rating, claiming it “eats batteries.”

Don’t bother with any of the Manfrotto bags. They’re all much cheaper on Amazon with the free shipping. Not a deal here.

Hey! Which one should I get (or should I get that 99 dollar panasonic). I like something that turns on fast and takes pretty pictures!


You’re kidding, right?

Not kidding. I know nothing.

UPDATE: It does come with the bag. The sale has been updated.

Good question. Thank you.

OK. Let’s do a little photo 101.

First, what kind of pictures do you hope to take? If they are super telephoto shots of wildlife, action shots in the gym, wedding and other demanding things, these are not going to be good for you.

OTOH, if you want pets, people, scenics, street scenes and other subject in outdoor conditions, almost any of these will be great.

Flash on any of these will be limited to about 13 feet.

It will be very helpful if you do a bit of looking on the net for tutorials explaining some of the basics of resolution, etc. so you can be sure the camera is set for the highest quality and best performance.

In most cases, you can leave the camera on full auto and never have to do much else. But most offer a lot of things to expand your creativity, so it’s good to try to get through the manual, even if it is not well written.

There may be some free classes in your area if there is a community college.

As far as which camera is best, I’ll let others offer advice.

Good luck!

The listing says “leather carrying case” and you say “bag.” Which is it?

The case is a kind of deluxe fitting thing and the bag (if such exists) is probably a nylon slip over thing.


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