Now I’m big time excited. Happy I ordered. I’m also checking to see if they want to (some day) bundle my second edition of “How To Use The Digital Camera You Just Bought!” Maybe the audiobook version on the card, etc.

A little “skunk at the garden party” warning about real leather cases:

Be careful using leather cases in HIGH humidity areas. Being organic material, if they are not properly cured and made, they can get mold, especially if stored with the camera inside and left unused for a long time.

Store the camera OUTSIDE the case.

Thanks for the follow up. I’m in for one. I was in need of a cheap camera to keep in my work bag at all times (one that I don’t have to worry about too much). And at this price it is a pretty good deal for a camera like this, off brand or not. The included case will save some money too!

Cellphone cameras might be getting better with each new generation, but I still like carrying a “real” camera with me. It’s nice that the G1 apparently takes the same micro-USB charger as most (non-Apple) smartphones, so that is plus too (at least for me).

Thanks again!

For those interested, here’s some more information on the BenQ G1 from around the web:

Global Product Link:

Documentation & Support (from Europe site)
ENGLISH Product Manual: (appears dead) (slow but works)

Firmware Update Instructions & File:

Photography Blog:
Imaging Resource Commentary with BenQ Press Release:
Stuff Magazine/TV:

Some actual photos taken with it:

The Quick Summary: middling reviews across the board and samples photos are not the greatest. That said, it’s $50 and the photos still look better than those from a cellphone.



Thanks for the links. UK reviews are often brutal, and are based on the price of the camera being at least 4x the price offered here.

I give up, what does “Shipping Now” mean in the shipping status? In the outbox? Waiting for pickup? “We’re doing the paperwork?” ???

As best as I understand it, it means that the order has been sent to the warehouse or vendor for fulfilling.

If it’s a drop-ship item, you will see a delay between the “shipping now” and receiving a tracking number. DS takes 3-5 days to ship.


Charger for outside the USA, not one that fits our outlets.

There is also no USA warranty information, and the sales specs say ONE YEAR: Woot. So I assume you are responsible for any problems?

I won’t get too BenQ out of shape, as I have other USB chargers that fit, but what do you plan to do about the problem with everyone else who got a “gray goods” (not officially imported) camera?

I can’t get the firmware from the European site…says page not available. Any ideas?

Their FTP site appears down at the moment.

I can back track to and search for the G1 and find the links but they all time out. The FTP server is at but is not responding to pings, so they must have it down.

If the FTP site doesn’t come back, I did get the files a few days ago (back when I posted the links) and I can PM them over if needed (it would take some time, as they are on my office PC).

I don’t have my camera yet. My G1 still says tracking “unavailable”. Hopefully it will magically appear today or Monday.

Euro-charger, eh? BenQ does not sell cameras in the US, so I was a bit skeptical of the box contents myself. Where did they drop ship it from? Straight from Taiwan or Hong Kong? Just curious.

An extremely sturdy box came from Tecumseh, California.

See the current sale comments for a link to the firmware upgrades that IS working. It is not one the BenQ site.

In the event that purchasers of the the BenQ G1 return to this thread…

I have made a small discovery that will make it MUCH easier to find batteries for the camera.

The BenQ G1 SLB10 is, in fact, the same battery as the quite common Samsung SLB-10A, V3.7, 1030mAh. The batteries are the exact same sharp, and voltage (V3.7). The only small difference is the amps. The BenQ OEM is listed as 1050mAh versus the 1030 of the Samsung.

I have confirmed that the OEM Samsung batteries (pulled from my pool of compact cameras), power the BenQ and charge fine in the camera.