PhotoPlus X3 Digital Studio

Is that Gwen Summers on the cover???

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Is this compatible with a Mac?

This has to be refurbished at this price.

How well does this comply to RAW format standards for photo editing?..

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So I guess the woot price pretty much equalizes it.


The only thing I need to know is: Can I make LOLcats with this?

I was going to suggest Jenna Haze.

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Don’t expect anything too powerful like photoshop. But it is a great basic editor.

I use this software routinely and love it. I have never used Photoshop (I can’t afford it), so I can’t do a comparison, but I fire up this program almost daily for photo editing tasks.

Very easy to use layers and a ton of nice effects which preview in real time. Limited (very weak) support for vector objects, and no vector interoperability with DrawPlus which I also use all the time. It is a bit slow starting and uses a good chuck of RAM when open, but plenty responsive in use.

This is not the latest version (which is X4), but it is a great deal-- I highly recommend it!

I’d like to know how this compares to if anyone has experience with both.


From the System Requirements section:

Not compatible with Mac or Linux OS

There are no standards for RAW format.

Many (most?) camera manufacturers use their own, and typically proprietary, RAW file format.

For a list of supported cameras, look here.

So.,… you are saying that PhotoShop is too powerful?

Hmmm. Imagine this scene in a “big box” electronics store…

Sales kid: Well, Mr. & Mrs. Clueless, you just bought a great little camera for only $200! Now, you will also need a good photo editor to fix your photos. I recommend PhotoShop because it is too powerful, and you will probably never use, or even understand, most of what it can do, and only for an outrageously high price.

Will this work in a Win 7 64-bit envronment?

I’d like to know the same, except in regards to Irfanview (obviously less powerful), Nikon Capture & View NX2 and Lightroom (or GIMP and PS, although my impression is that this is not a competitor with them).

I have NX2 and love it except for a few niggles like the weird way of disabling more recent changes when editing an older one. That’s in comparison to Lightroom which seems more flashy looking but IMO is not nearly as fast to sort photos with nor as flexible an editor. PS/GIMP are pretty much superfluous with NX2 on hand.

Wow, 100+ Woots and this is your first post?!? That’s absolutely… well… weird. And really cool. Glad you’re joining the conversation!

The specs don’s seem to specifically say no to x64 OSes - but Vista and 7 are listed as compatible. I’d imagine it would work, and if you have x64 Pro then you’ll be able to use it through the x86 emulator.