Photoshop Contest 234: You Pick The Shirt (repost)

(a repost from the World of Woot)

Can you believe it’s been a year since Woot asked us to Mix two Shirt.Woot shirts together into one new design?

Jason had used the occasion to talk about the Shirt.Woot Classics and introduced the terms “Redux” and “Remix”. Many clever entries were submitted, but sadly never made it to the runway. Here’s your chance to reward these hybrid designs with your unofficial vote of approval.

Simply look over the Contest Entries from Contest #234: Two Shirts Beat As One, and PM me by September 7th, 2010 with the names (up to three) of who you think should have won. No prizes will be awarded, other than you will help make someone feel a little better about the hour of their life they’ll never get back creating their “no-award” winning entry!

Seriously I cannot believe they forgot all about this. There were so many good entries!

I wonder if shirt.woot ever did run with the ‘combine two into one’ theme?

No, they didn’t ever do that. Judging by the number of derby wins by design teams, it has sale merit.

There was an unofficial “covert derby” run by MJ and Adder over at Threadless a year ago that did something similar though.

Not as many votes so far. Come on shirt.woot people, where else can one vote carry so much weight!! :slight_smile:

Send you the votes?

yes please :slight_smile:

sorry for the late response … tummy troubles :frowning: