Photoshop Contest 235: Wooteurs (repost)

(original is posted under World of Woot)

The third forgotten contest was delayed a week due to an upcoming Woot Off, but there’s no reason us to do the same. The theme for Photoshop Contest 235 was to Show us a scene from a Woot motion picture in the style of a famous director. As usual, there were many good entries submitted, as well as a good number of other entries that more fit the theme; Express your feelings about the current state of the PhotoShop contest. :slight_smile:

Please take a look at the entries there, and PM me with your vote for the ones you think should have won. We know the temptation to select one of the protest entries will be strong, so feel free to pick one of those too, and we’ll put together a special category for that too.

Silly Xexus, forgot to put the “vote by” date. That might explain why only two people have voted so far (or maybe it doesn’t). Anyway, I’ll call the vote to end on Saturday night (9/18/10) and post the results sometime Sunday.

By the way, don’t forget that the DodgeBall contest is also open for anyone to vote. The prize is the responsibility to host the next DodgeBall contest. I can’t think of any other contest where people play to win, but secretly wish for second place! Voting usually takes place on Fridays, so keep an eye out and help us vote a fellow Wooter under the hosting bus!