Photoshop Contest #237: Deflating The Conspiracy (report from WOW)

Here we are on our last missing photoshop contest. It was the Woot Contest that brought me (and probably many others) to the Woot community. Someone’s entry was funny enough to get mentioned outside of the Woot web pages, and suddenly I was stuck with incentive to learn more about using Photoshop. In those days, judges had only a week to post a handful of the winning entries from 10-15 pages of contenders. Competition was fierce, with many a disgruntled contestant accusing someone of “stealing their idea”. With so many wonderful entries week to week, it was great just to have someone appreciate your work.

Contest #237 asked us to: “Show us the role that a Woot product, past or present, played in the Great Colorado Weather-Balloon Scare of Aught-Nine.”

Not the best theme, but it was topical at the time. :slight_smile:

So why didn’t Woot just come out and say that the contests had run its course? And why did these last five contests never get posted? Only Woot knows. Many contestants have either joined the shirt.woot crowd or simply vanished since then, however there are still a few of us who remember those days fondly, and would certainly love to see the return of the Photoshop Contest.

Please look over the final entries from Contest #237, and PM me with your vote for who you think should have won this final contest. No prizes will be awarded, but winners will enjoy knowing that their hard work didn’t go completely unappreciated. Have your votes in by Monday October 5th, 2010, and winners will be announced the next day. This will be the last time we’ll be asking for your vote,

Also, as this is the last contest that we’re usurping, we’d love to hear your own favorite PhotoShop moments. Like when both Josephus carved and entry out of wood, or when Wonderstew created his entry out of a working dust buster? Remember Shan posting that wonderful Woot mascot that I think Woot should have adopted as their own? People were making secret santa signature banners for other Wooters, etc … One more trip down memory lane before Woot inevitably removes the Contest section altogether.