Photoshop Contest, just for fun!


Disclaimer: This isn’t a woot endorsed contest, just for fun

So its finally the year 2004, and we finally have an awesome machine like the one pictured. How would you modify your awesome PC so you can impress your friends when you bring it to the lan party? Attach a bike to the wheel and overclock it? Install an industry grade air conditioner?

Have fun!


sets torch down

This sounds like fun!! I don’t have potatoshop on this laptop, sadly.


I wonder who, at the Rand Corporation, determined that home computers of the future would need a steering wheel?

Hmmm, perhaps they were envisioning the advent of Mario Kart!!


Hope I’m not raining on anyone’s parade here.


That certainly explains the “steering wheel.”

//mops up burst bubble remains . . .


Then I nominate this pic!!!