Photoshop Fun - Help


Can somebody do something with this picture?

KM Picture

I am terrible at photoshop and this is a co-worker that I need to embarrass.


That picture needs no additional Photochopping …


I would have to agree.


Hahaha, I agree.

But if you want something, maybe a theme would help. What do you think would embarrass him?


He has the smile of “The Joker”


I’ve never seen a more oval head . . .


Alright, not photochopping, but fun anyway. Try this.


Just something creative, I don’t have a theme per se. As long as it’s “work safe”
We work in finance and he runs a bar on the side. He loves Chuck Norris.


that wedding crasher trailer is priceless, I am crying right now.


At least he has one thing going for him.


Well, I wasn’t feeling inspired, but I went to and tried some hairstyles on him.

I guess it isn’t necessarily a good thing picturing your friend and co-worker in drag.

You can never style your hair at home the same way they do in the salon…


Just testing some crappy free software. Nothing to see here, move along.


He definitely looks best as a brunette.


Hmmm. Never been approached to do a contract chop before. How do we know this ain’t some sort of mod frame-up to get us all sent up the river like Brownie? And what a coincidence that would be, huh? Right before the next contest. I tell ya, I don’t like the smell of one bit. No sir.

Ah, WTF.


I have made three woot purchases and I frequently browse the forums.
This guy and I have gone back and forth for a couple months now with various “works of art” using each other’s head shots.
I like how casual these forums are and I’ll admit the photoshop contests is what brought me here for help with this.




Speaking of ‘works of art’

Here he is:


Actually, your sig seems to resemble him rather well, don’t you think?


I call it “Flock of Beetlejuice”.


LOL. That’s great!