Photoshop People - Have fun with this Please


So, I have this friend who is a little full of himself. He was the chip leader in a poker tournament so he sent me this screenshot. I want to do some fun things to it, but I don’t know anything about photoshop. Since the weekend is upon us, would any of you mind messing with it?
Just post whatever you make back here


Paypal me $50.00 first.


Hi, Mydog. How’s future Ms. and future baby? Got any dates yet? I can’t help you on this one, but maybe someone will.


Post a few more times Mydogkickzass and you may get him down to $1.00


I did what I think is a great chop on this screen shot, but it won’t save for some reason.

And now I can’t get the crayon off my monitor screen!!!


Actually, it’s going the other way.


What’s that - you can’t scan change?
Free it is
Sounds good


Why are there two of these threads? You made Poof think she was crazy when she couldn’t find her post!


Not for nothing…I don’t understand what exactly Mydogg is looking for us to do…


OK then, Mydog get back here and explain yourself!

btw, since Poofs post is lost in the other thread
How are you, Mrsdog and puppydog? (do not worry, I will not call the baby puppydog when he/she is here)
Poof would like to know if you have any dates yet.


ill make it real funny if you give me a few days… like till tuesday… ill show updates