Piccolino Di Puglia Italian Sangiovese (6)

Piccolino Di Puglia Italian Sangiovese 6-Pack
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$56.99 $102.00 44% off List Price
2014 Piccolino Di Puglia

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I got a bottle of this last time it was offered and was very pleseantly surprised. This is s very tasty bottle for the price.

This seems like the perfect thing to have on hand while I’m enjoying my Craftsy “Homemade Pasta” class. Even if I mess the pasta up, there will be something to look forward to.

NY seems to have fallen off the “ship-to” list since January. Disappointed, as I’d like to re-order. I’ll shoot a note to CS and see what happens.

I did buy it last time, but I think the gang at the office got all the bottles then, so I can’t report on it.

Edit: maybe if I write the word “Mod”, it will auto-magically summon assistance? Can’t hurt, my email to Support didn’t wake anyone up yet.

Is this sweet or dry?


So decent “pizza” wine? Leaning modern side of the fence?

I seem to recall that sweet Sangiovese would be identified as Vin Santo in the label.

Good with pizza. Fruit forward yes but not over extracted or woodsy. If I hadn’t just loaded up on dailys yesterday I’d probably be in here.

Kyle has this as well, I’m sure he can stop by and give thoughts.

Thank you!

Thank you, I will look for that.

Hopefully this will get here faster than the Texas summer heat… this is probably my last woot until fall. Sads.

Last wooter to woot: lseewoester

This stuff is the perfect Tuesday night pizza wine.

I’m avoiding bottles under $15/$20 these days. Plus, I have 3 bottles for Ron that I can raid.

But, if you’re looking for an under-$10 weeknight or party wine, with the understanding that you’re buying an under-$10 bottle, BUY.

Too funny, totally forgot, but I do see 6 pending in CT.
How did you and Cortot end up splitting, 2/2/2, so I can update.
You got anything else?

Yeah I’ve threatened weather a couple times already but I admit to hanging in longer than I thought. Kudos to WD there have been some nice deals lately. But the shipping curtain is lowering for sure.

Me 1
Kyle 2
RJ 3

I’m with you on this; wanted it and cannot get it. RETAIL FRUSTRATION YO.

I have a bottle of Andremily and rose + BdB from Ultramarine for you.

Is it fizzy?